30-Day Video Game Music Challenge – Day 3

30 Day Game Music Challenge

Let’s keep this a-rollin’. Day 3 is a very broad category, simply “8-bit music”. Let’s do it.

Day 2 – 8-bit Music

Overlord (NES) / Title Screen

Composer: Jeroen Tel

With this 30-day challenge I’m gonna try and throw some “deep cuts” in for good measure. Everyone knows games like Doom and Castlevania, but how many people remember the game Overlord on the NES? I’ll be completely honest in saying that I’ve never actually played the game and only know of it because of this track written by the legendary Jeroen Tel. Well, that and the arguably more famous theme song from the C64 version of the game, a wildly different take written by the same composer. While the C64 version has quite the bop — some might even call it a jam — the NES version I feel evokes a certain level of atmosphere and moodiness that I crave oh so much.

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30-Day Video Game Music Challenge – Day 2

30 Day Game Music Challenge

Well, I’ve made it a whole two days without giving up or forgetting, so I’d say my track record is looking pretty spot on! Day 2 is “opening level music”.

Day 2 – Opening Level Music

Castlevania 3 / Akumajou Densetsu – Beginning

Composer: Yoshinori Sasaki, Jun Funahashi, Yukie Morimoto

The Castlevania series is a series known for legendary opening tracks, so almost any game in the series would have made a strong contender for this spot. I ended up settling on the track “Beginning” from the Japanese version of Castlevania 3 — named Akumajou Densetsu in Japan — for being an absolute tour de force on the original NES / Famicom. It is important to note that the Famicom version of the game included a specialized audio chip which greatly enhanced the system’s audio capabilities. The western version of the game did not include this chip, and as such the audio is notably downgraded.

As a very, very close runner up, I would have chosen the opening level music from Super Castlevania IV. It’s an iconic track that made unique and wonderful use of the SNES sound chip, and was also reprised during the final boss fight as a callback to the start of your adventure and just how far you’ve made it. Good stuff.

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30-Day Video Game Music Challenge – Day 1

30 Day Game Music Challenge

It’s the start of a new month, so I thought I’d give this a go. This has been kicking around on the internet for a while, and it’s actually one of the reasons I wanted to start up a blog a few months ago, but seeing as I just now got around to getting this up and “working”, we’re doing it in July. I’ll do my best to stick to the “hard mode” rule where I don’t repeat any games, but I make no promises.

Day 1 – Title Screen Music

Doom 2 – Title Music

Composer: Bobby Prince

Okay, try and picture this (even though I’m about to make myself sound very old): It’s Christmas Day in 1994, you’re six years old, and you just unwrapped a copy of the hotly anticipated sequel to id Software’s Doom. You are eager as all get-out to unbox the game and get it installed. Your family computer only recently got an upgrade that included a sound card, so you’re just still getting used to your computer being able to output “”high quality sound effects and music””; before this, you were limited to primitive beeping and not much else. A few floppy disks and some setting up later, you boot up the game only to hear THIS SONG.

I’ll just say that this song mortified me as a child. I distinctly remember running away from the computer and hiding behind the couch, while screaming for my dad to turn down the speakers. Sure, I eventually got over it, but the memory of my first time booting up this game still lives on to this day.

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First post. I was feeling a bit nostalgic for the old days of LiveJournal wherein I would write a bunch of nonsense and put it up on the Internet for others to see. This’ll be kind of like that, though I highly doubt I’ll be airing my personal and emotional laundry on here like I did back in the LiveJournal era.

I don’t have any particular field of discussion or overarching goal planned for this blog, though topics I’m sure will be covered here include:

Also keep in mind this site is a work in progress and will probably be some degree of broken from now until the end of time.

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