30-Day Video Game Music Challenge – Day 1

30 Day Game Music Challenge

It’s the start of a new month, so I thought I’d give this a go. This has been kicking around on the internet for a while, and it’s actually one of the reasons I wanted to start up a blog a few months ago, but seeing as I just now got around to getting this up and “working”, we’re doing it in July. I’ll do my best to stick to the “hard mode” rule where I don’t repeat any games, but I make no promises.

Day 1 – Title Screen Music

Doom 2 – Title Music

Composer: Bobby Prince

Okay, try and picture this (even though I’m about to make myself sound very old): It’s Christmas Day in 1994, you’re six years old, and you just unwrapped a copy of the hotly anticipated sequel to id Software’s Doom. You are eager as all get-out to unbox the game and get it installed. Your family computer only recently got an upgrade that included a sound card, so you’re just still getting used to your computer being able to output “”high quality sound effects and music””; before this, you were limited to primitive beeping and not much else. A few floppy disks and some setting up later, you boot up the game only to hear THIS SONG.

I’ll just say that this song mortified me as a child. I distinctly remember running away from the computer and hiding behind the couch, while screaming for my dad to turn down the speakers. Sure, I eventually got over it, but the memory of my first time booting up this game still lives on to this day.

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