30-Day Video Game Music Challenge – Day 3

30 Day Game Music Challenge

Let’s keep this a-rollin’. Day 3 is a very broad category, simply “8-bit music”. Let’s do it.

Day 2 – 8-bit Music

Overlord (NES) / Title Screen

Composer: Jeroen Tel

With this 30-day challenge I’m gonna try and throw some “deep cuts” in for good measure. Everyone knows games like Doom and Castlevania, but how many people remember the game Overlord on the NES? I’ll be completely honest in saying that I’ve never actually played the game and only know of it because of this track written by the legendary Jeroen Tel. Well, that and the arguably more famous theme song from the C64 version of the game, a wildly different take written by the same composer. While the C64 version has quite the bop — some might even call it a jam — the NES version I feel evokes a certain level of atmosphere and moodiness that I crave oh so much.

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